In the summer of 2016, Andi Xoch and a friend noticed a lack of resources in the community with little access to art materials and space. The art community only catered to a specific audience, and it wasn’t accessible to underrepresented groups. Andi, coming from her previous collective Ovarian Psycos (an all female bicycle brigade), wanted to retain the sisterhoods that formed among women. She had been an art instructor at Self Help Graphics for several years and saw an opportunity to support and utilize space and resources.

With a collective attraction to graffiti, painting, and other similar interests, soon thereafter, many womxn joined. At one point Ni Santas consisted of about thirteen members. Their backgrounds and common traumas brought them together and they began to form an artistic healing space that could shared with other homegirls. As time passed by the collective grew smaller due to a difference of interests, time schedules and life. The current collective is composed of Andi Xoch, Joan Zeta, and Clover.

While the majority of Ni Santa’s work is rooted in aerosol art, serigraphs, and community altars, every member contributes to incorporate a myriad of art mediums through different skills and style. The goal of the collective is be open to any muxer and manifest the power of muxeres with all artistic backgrounds to learn from each other.

Ni Santas is an all women of color collective working to write their history through art, with responsibility to create socially conscious visual narratives. Ni Santas envision creating a safe space by cultivating a community of womxn, free of judgment to nourish their emerging artists.

“When you’re brown a womxn from the hood, whether you’re queer or gender non-conforming, your oppression isn’t only experienced as a womxn, it is any and all those things at the same time so you have to create spaces to be able to articulate those experiences.

Historically we’ve been erased from art, and we have a responsibility to re write herstory through art creating socially conscious narratives. It empowers us to support each other because we have that trust and healing space among each other. We only get stronger by coming together.”

Ni Santas x Ni Putas x Solo Muxeres